Our Vision

The Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC) aims to reinvent how students prepare for college, career, and life.

MTC is made up of a growing network of public and private high schools who are creating a high school transcript that reflects the unique skills, strengths, and interests of each learner and that supports educators in facilitating the kind of learning that they know is best for students. With a Mastery Transcript, public and private high schools alike will be better equipped to prepare students for college, career, and life.

The MTC model is substantively different from the traditional model of crediting and transcript design that is typically organized around content oriented courses, Carnegie units for credit, and grades. The Mastery Transcript model is organized around performance areas (rather than academic departments), mastery standards and micro-credits (rather than grades). Each micro-credit applied to a transcript signifies complete mastery of a specific skill, knowledge block or habit of mind as defined by the crediting high school.

The MTC schools are supported by a technology platform that allows the complete record of a student’s credits and submitted evidence to be submitted to college admission offices and professional organizations for evaluation.

This electronic Mastery Transcript allows college admission officers to dive deep within a transcript to see the specific credits of the sending high school and actual evidence of student work and mastery, thus giving depth and transparency to the student’s work record.

The initial formation of the MTC hopes to use the collective influence, access, and flexibility of our member schools to change the college and career preparation model for all high schools.

Simply put…the MTC aims to reinvent how students prepare for college, career, and life.