Scott Looney

Founder and Board Chair

Scott Looney joined Hawken School as its 10th head of school in July 2006. Since that time he has enlivened the school with a variety of forward-focused initiatives that have earned national recognition. His belief in student-centered and authentic learning has fueled each effort including the founding of the Mastery Transcript Consortium in 2017.

Patricia Russell

Interim Executive Director

Patricia Russell brings significant experience and talents to the MTC including from her long tenure at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA. She is a veteran science teacher, science division head, residential dean, and most recently, dean of studies at Andover. Trish has been a strong advocate for student-centered and project-based learning, integration of community engagement, varied pedagogies and assessment modes across the curriculum. She’s taking a year-long leave of absence from her work at Andover to help launch the MTC.

“The power of the Coalition to promote positive changes for students applying to college lies in the authentic and sincere collaboration among colleges and universities. I see that same spirit of camaraderie in the Mastery Transcript Consortium as secondary school leaders work in concert to improve the external representation of their students’ academic experiences.”

– Annie Reznik
Executive Director of The Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success
Senior Research Fellow, Learning Policy Institute

Board Members

Tim Bazemore – Head of School, Catlin Gabel School, OR
Monique DeVane – Head of School, The College Preparatory School, CA
Randall Dunn, Head of School, Latin School of Chicago, IL
Julia Eells – Head of School, San Francisco University High School, CA
Doris Korda -Founder & CEO, Wildfire Education
Scott Looney – Head of School, Hawken School, OH
Chris Maxey – Head of School, The Island School, Bahamas
Emily McCarren – Principal, Punahou School, HI
Michael Nachbar – Executive Director of the Global Online Academy
Dominic Randolph – Head of School, Riverdale Country School, NY
Jim Scott – Head of School, Punahou School, HI
Tony Wagner – Expert in Residence, Harvard University Innovation Lab and Senior Research Fellow, Learning Policy Institute