Professional Learning

Mastery Learning Series 2018

The Mastery Transcript Consortium is excited to offer a trilogy of online courses to educators from member schools who want to learn more about mastery learning and bringing a mastery transcript to our schools. Designed in partnership with Global Online Academy, the Mastery Learning Series provides teachers, leaders, and MTC Site Directors with critical understanding and practice in mastery learning and its impact on our work with students. Each course offers educators a chance to learn from experts in the field as well as interact with colleagues from other member schools. Our hope is that participating in these courses will advance the work of our members in introducing the MTC to their communities.

Introduction to Mastery Learning

Winter: February 26–March 9, 2018

Summer: June 18–29, 2018

We kick off our trilogy of online courses on mastery learning with a holistic, introductory course on what mastery learning is and its (potential and real) impact on teaching and learning. First, participants dive into a short playlist of resources that provide a holistic overview of mastery learning and offer a common vocabulary we’ll use throughout the mastery learning trilogy. During this two-week learning experience, participants might spend anywhere from one to five hours per week exploring six essential strands: assessment, content, place, student’s role, teacher’s role, and time. Through examining key resources and engaging in hands-on activities, participants can earn digital badges in each strand. Expect high energy interactions with facilitators who have taught in mastery learning environments. Learn from expert guest speakers and connect more deeply with colleagues from around the globe at other MTC member schools. Come to connect. Leave with ideas and insights in the field of mastery learning.

Registration closes February 15, 2018, for winter section and June 1, 2018, for summer section!

Cost: 50.00USD/participant

Teaching for Mastery Learning Lab

July 9–20, 2018

The second in our Mastery Learning trilogy, the Teaching for Mastery Learning Lab, helps participants design and discuss mastery credits, both content-specific and transdisciplinary. Participants will understand and practice developing and organizing mastery credit areas as well as foundational and advanced mastery credits. With the support of coaches and the insights of guest speakers, participants gain practical experience and useful feedback on this work as well as uncover the role that assessments play in fundamentally shaping the learner experience. Designed in the same personalized format as Introduction to Mastery Learning, this course gives participants the flexibility to spend anywhere from one to five hours per week, with digital badges available to those who bring the work of the course to school-based conversations and classroom practice.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Mastery Learning

Registration closes June 1, 2018!

Cost: 100.00USD/participant

Leading for Mastery Learning Lab

July 30–August 10, 2018

In the final course in the Mastery Learning series, Leading for Mastery Learning Lab, participants explore theories of whole-school change and develop a project that involves stakeholders across the community, including families and students. Designed as a collaborative, project-based experience, this course allows participants to learn and apply ideas from school leaders already immersed in this work as well as forge connections with new colleagues. This advanced course asks for 4-6 hours/week from each participant, including asynchronous and synchronous interaction with team members, independent research, and design activities. With the support of an expert coach and access to a panel of guest speakers, participants leave the Leading for Mastery Learning Lab with key strategies and a project plan for implementation at their schools.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Mastery Learning, Teaching for Mastery Learning Lab

Registration closes July 1, 2018!

Cost: 150.00USD/participant

For more information, please contact To register, please visit MTC Professional Learning Courses online.