School Shouldn’t Hurt

The stress is real. Colleges are sounding the alarm about the number of students who arrive at their campus with mental health issues ranging from depression, anxiety, eating disorders and more. While the current high school assessment model is not the lone factor in creating unhealthy stress, it is certainly a significant contributor, and we can do better.

“A new transcript that truly reflects student mastery can be a key factor in helping to reduce student stress and overload without reducing rigor. I am excited to see so many schools working together in this consortium to create a product that can greatly improve student health and engagement with learning.”

– Denise Pope, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Education and Co-Founder, Challenge Success and co-author: Overloaded and Underprepared: Strategies for Stronger Schools and Healthy, Successful Kids.

College students reported the following within the last 12 months

American College Health Association: National College Health Assessment 2010
95,712 College Students Responding from 139 Colleges

“Too many students, perhaps after a year or two spent using college as a treadmill to nowhere, wake up in crisis, not knowing why they have worked so hard.”

– Harry R. Lewis, Former dean of Harvard College