A Broken Tool

The high school transcript aims to assess student progress and performance, but it is a broken instrument that underserves students, teachers or the world outside our school walls.

How is the traditional transcript broken?


“The Mind, Brain, and Education science field considers teaching and learning from a transdisciplinary angle and invites a new vision of education that embraces a better understanding of cognitive, affective, social and creative processes involved in human learning. While our assessment tools lag behind this new vision of education and its processes, there is a movement towards a better schema in the Mastery Transcript Consortium™.

The whole child is needed to change society, so the whole child is what must be assessed, over time, in multiple contexts and with both objective criteria as well as an inclusive understanding of how humans reach mastery.”

– Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa, Educational researcher and instructor at the Harvard University Extension School.