A New Model

The MTC Mastery Transcript™ is a new, digital high school transcript that opens up opportunities for all students—and helps transcript readers understand each one better.

This glimpse into the MTC Mastery Transcript™ displays the credit profile from a sample student transcript. Readers are able to click through each credit title to learn more about the sending school’s credit standards and to see evidence of work the student completed to earn that credit. 

Core Principles.

While the transcript is still forming, the MTC has agreed on three core principles that the new transcript will reflect:


Consistent Transcript Format

Transcript has to be readable by college admission officers (once trained) in less than two minutes. Therefore, the transcript format has to be reasonably consistent across MTC schools.


Schools define their own Mastery Credits

The MTC will not require schools to use a common set of Mastery Credits.


Students will be credited for mastery of content and skills

Letter grading (or numerical equivalent) will not be used. A completed course list can be included.

Imagine a Transcript

The MTC model is substantively different from the traditional model of assessment that is typically organized around content oriented courses, Carnegie units for credit and A to F letter grades.

Current Transcript Mastery Transcript
Flat, two-dimensional, one page Digital, interactive
Credit for time Credit for Mastery
Single-subject Cross-disciplinary credits possible
Grades (little or no definition) School-defined credits with consistent metrics/rubrics
Typically limited to academic subjects Credits can be broader; most schools
include SEL/4-dimensions

Mastery Credits

Each Mastery Credit applied to a transcript signifies complete mastery of a specific skill, knowledge block or habit of mind as defined by the crediting high school.

MTC schools are supported by a technology platform that allows the complete record of a student’s credits, institutional standards, and performance evidence to be submitted to college admission offices for evaluation.

This Mastery Transcript allows college admission officers to see the specific standards of the sending high school and evidence of student work and mastery, thus gaining a better sense of the students they seek to cultivate in their own communities.