Our Purpose
The Mastery Transcript Consortium™ (MTC) is a growing network of public and private schools who are introducing a digital high school transcript that opens up opportunity for each and every student–from all backgrounds, locations, and types of schools–to have their unique strengths, abilities, interests, and histories fostered, understood, and celebrated.
Why the Transcript?
The traditional transcript reinforces outdated modes of education, constraints innovation, limits learning to single subjects, and impedes the pursuit of educational equity and excellence. It sorts and sifts students through narrow measures such as grades and GPAs, reducing each complex and unique individual to a simple number. The MTC Mastery Transcript™ is a dramatic alternative to the status quo. It supports each student in learning for today’s world, in exploring and pursuing varied pathways to futures that compel them, and in being recognized for acquiring and mastering skills both inside and outside of school.

The Mastery Transcript

The Mastery Transcript Consortium™ (MTC) model is substantively different from the traditional model of crediting and transcript design that is typically organized around content oriented courses, Carnegie units for credit, and grades. The Mastery Transcript model is organized around performance areas (rather than academic departments), mastery standards, and micro-credits (rather than grades). Each micro-credit applied to a transcript signifies complete mastery of a specific skill, knowledge block or habit of mind as defined by the crediting high school.

The MTC schools are supported by a technology platform that allows the complete record of a student’s credits and submitted evidence to be submitted to college admission offices and professional organizations for evaluation.

This digital Mastery Transcript allows college admission officers to see the specific credits of the sending high school and actual evidence of student work and mastery, thus giving depth and transparency to the student’s work record.

The MTC network will draw upon the collective strength of our member schools, our Advisory Council and Board, our Higher Ed Advisory Group, and other partners to change the college and career preparation model for all high schools.

For All Students

All students deserve an opportunity to find themselves, their voice, and their standing in this world, including the many roses that have been trapped by the concrete of the current system. MTC is at the vanguard of making this happen.

—Kaleb Rashad, director of High Tech High and an MTC Advisory Council Member