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In partnership with our members and allies, we are redesigning the high school transcript so that the signals are straight and that the interests of students, high schools, and higher education are aligned. The Mastery Transcript values the higher order skills necessary for success in college and career. It conveys to admissions officers a deeper, more authentic story about a student: who they are, what they have learned, how they have grown, what they love, and who they want to be.”

Stacy Caldwell, CEO, Mastery Transcript Consortium

Member Benefits

Thought Leadership

The Mastery Transcript Corporation™ (MTC) brings together some of the country’s most innovative and intentional schools as they explore how they might reimagine their programs, assessment models and academic reporting.

List of Member Schools


As an MTC member, you’re not alone. We will work together to help you develop mastery-based rubrics, reimagine teaching and assessment and accelerate change in your school. You’re on a path; the MTC can show you how to move boulders out of the way.

Professional Learning

MTC will provide a complete professional learning experience for your Site Director(s) and staff. They can use as little or as much of what the MTC develops. No matter what, though, you’ll be part of some of the most inspiring and useful conversations about education happening anywhere.

Professional Learning

The Mastery Transcript: Piloting and Testing

The beta version of the Mastery Transcript will be available for piloting and testing in member schools during the 2019–2020 academic year.

Collaboration with our College Partners

By joining a large—and growing—network of member high schools that want to prepare and present students in a better way, we collectively build a powerful voice at the table with our colleagues in higher education admissions.

Resources for Member Schools

Resources & Support

Each high school is unique, but all high schools generally go through a series of stages toward school transformation. The common five stages our member schools are experiencing in their journeys toward the Mastery Transcript include:


MTC provides member schools with a range of resources to help support and advance each community’s journey to the Mastery Transcript.


Our site director meetings bring together site directors from schools across the country to work together in a hands-on way to develop and plan for the Mastery Transcript. Programming includes workshops, presentations, and time to connect with other site directors and members of the MTC staff. The MTC team is also speaking at and attending events throughout the country—and would love to connect with you there!
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Professional Learning Opportunities

The Mastery Transcript Consortium offers a range of in-person and online courses to educators from member schools who want to learn more about mastery learning and bringing a mastery transcript to our schools. See the latest offerings.

Site Director Role

The Site Director is the person who will have ongoing responsibility for preparing and guiding the faculty and school community in discussions, planning efforts, decision-making, and eventually in the transition to use of the Mastery Transcript if the school chooses to do so.

With the power of our network and all of the schools on the Mastery Transcript, colleges will pay attention.

Hannah Nelson, Watershed School

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