Member Benefits

Tools for Building Mastery Transcripts™

The MTC has developed an easy-to-use software platform that will allow students and schools to create and present evidence-based Mastery Transcripts.

If you are a member school and want to test or use the Mastery Transcript with your middle or high school students, please contact Patricia Russell, 

If you are interested in membership, contact Ben Rein,

Collaboration with College Admissions Partners

By joining a large—and growing—network of schools that want a better way for all students, you’ll add to the powerful voice for change. MTC is currently collaborating with admissions leaders and making the case in a number of different ways:

  • Leadership: MTC has a growing Higher Ed Advisory Group that includes admissions leaders from a diverse group of colleges who are providing feedback on the Mastery Transcript, thought leadership, and advocacy.
  • User Testing: MTC’s transcript development team is conducting extensive user testing with numerous other colleges of different types and sizes throughout the country.
  • Student Pioneers: There are dozens of students applying to a range of colleges with their Mastery Transcripts–and many being admitted to colleges of their choice. 

Professional Learning

MTC provides a robust menu of professional learning experiences for your school’s Site Director(s) and beyond. We encourage members to take advantage of as much of what the MTC offers as their time allows. No matter what, you’ll be part of some of the most inspiring and useful conversations about education happening anywhere and open up access to these opportunities for your school community.  

Our range of professional learning opportunities include annual mastery learning symposia, webinars, leadership coaching for mastery learning, online courses, and access to the MTC community site. See Events & Sign-Up for more information.

Advocacy in States

State Educational Agencies (SEA’s) across the country are making positive steps towards improving student learning experiences in public schools through policy shifts that promote mastery-based learning. MTC is providing both advocacy and assistance in states where schools have been empowered to make these shifts. MTC actively supports schools through: 

  • Convening K-12 and higher education leaders to foster collaborative relationships and collective understanding around the power of the Mastery Transcript 
  • Contracts with state education agencies to offer MTC member benefits to schools looking to deepen their commitment to mastery based learning
  • Direct legislative and policy advocacy at the state level

Thought Leadership & Network Partnership

The Mastery Transcript Consortium™ (MTC) brings together some of the country’s most innovative and intentional schools as they explore how they might reimagine their programs, assessment models, academic reporting, and how they define success for students.

Through the MTC Connect newsletter, MTC community site, members learn, ask and answer questions together. In addition, the MTC provides communications and press strategy support and members have access to the Challenge Success Stanford Survey of Student Experiences and GOA’s From Theory to Practice are offered at special MTC member rates.  

As an MTC member school just starting to consider mastery learning or beginning to send Mastery Transcripts this year, you’re an important part of a network of peers. Convening with educational experts across the country and around the world, you’ll be immersed in reimagining learning and teaching, accelerating change in your school. You’re on a path to transformation; the MTC can show you how to move boulders out of the way.

Why Join?

Join to contribute to a group of schools that seeks a way to authentically present the whole child to colleges.

Join for your parents who want their children’s accomplishments – and their humanity – to be visible and valued.

Join to teach your students to pursue mastery instead of chasing letter grades.

Join for your faculty who want a system that lets them coach instead of judge.

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