Member Benefits

Thought Leadership

The Mastery Transcript Corporation™ (MTC) brings together some of the country’s most innovative and intentional schools as they explore how they might reimagine their programs, assessment models and academic reporting.


As an MTC member, you’re not alone. We will work together to help you develop mastery-based rubrics, reimagine teaching and assessment and accelerate change in your school. You’re on a path; the MTC can show you how to move boulders out of the way.

Professional Development

MTC will provide a complete professional learning experience for your Site Director(s) and staff. They can use as little or as much of what the MTC develops. No matter what, though, you’ll be part of some of the most inspiring and useful conversations about education happening anywhere.


The MTC is working to develop easy to use software that will allow students and schools to store, curate and present evidence-based transcripts.

Influence with our College Partners

Let’s face it: Most high schools are so concerned about our kids getting admitted to colleges that we often agree to whatever colleges ask of us as we present our students – even when we have doubts about how healthy this process is for our students. By joining a large – and growing – group of high schools that want a healthier way, we collectively build a powerful voice at the table with our colleagues in higher education.

Why Join?

Join to contribute to a group of schools that seeks a way to authentically present the whole child to colleges.

Join for your parents who want their kids’ accomplishments – and their humanity – to be visible and valued.

Join to teach your students to pursue mastery instead of chasing letter grades.

Join for your faculty who want a system that lets them coach instead of judge.

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