MTC Individual Memberships

Individual Membership offers access to MTC professional development opportunities, webinars, symposia, and resources to anyone who wants to join the conversation around mastery learning.

If your school or district is not yet ready to fully embrace mastery learning through membership, or you are personally interested in learning more, you can still get involved. This opportunity invites you to participate in MTC and also helps to close the gap and provide financial support for financially strained member schools.

One hundred percent of Individual Membership annual dues payments subsidize the MTC Scholarship Fund, helping support MTC’s commitment to provide access and support to ALL schools.

Three Categories of Individual Membership

Annual Dues Description
Individual $150 Non-School Based Individuals
Educator $125 School Based Individuals (K-12, Higher Ed)
Student $75 Currently Enrolled Student (K-12, Undergraduate, Graduate School)

Have any questions? Please contact Ben Rein.

Details & Services

Webinars, Symposia, & Access

  • Webinars, hosted several times throughout the year, exclusively for individual members
  • Invitations to member symposia and other sessions with member schools
  • Advance reservations and discounts for MTC in-person events
  • Access to MTC on-line learning modules and resources

Additional Perks

  • If your school joins the MTC, your prior years of Individual Membership dues payments will be discounted from the school's first year dues payment.
  • Individual Members will receive regular updates, mailings and reports from the MTC.

Duration & Limits

  • All individual memberships must be renewed on an annual basis
  • Limit of three educators from any individual school
  • Access to the MTC Community and MTC Build sites are not available to Individual Members

For more information, contact: Ben Rein, Senior Director of Outreach and Partnerships