The MTC Network and Movement

With the power of our network and all of the schools on the Mastery Transcript, colleges will pay attention.

Hannah Nelson, Watershed School

Our Network (btw, once the content has been finalized, this page will be designed)

The real power of the MTC lies in the growing network of public and independent schools and partners that make up the Consortium. MTC is engaging as many schools as possible, in order to improve the high school experience for all students. Membership is open to any public or independent school. Members of our network serve as key resources for one another--supporting one another and their school communities in their journeys to mastery and to the Mastery Transcript. The Mastery Transcript will help to unlock the transformational work that so many schools have already undertaken and will pave the way for many more to join in as they begin that journey.

“Many things drive our work forward, but none more so than the power of our ever expanding network of schools. A little over two years ago we were a small collection of under 50 independent schools trying to make a difference, and now we gather nearly 300 member schools from across public, charter, and private school communities to make our case to the world. This network matters, and the size of this network matters more as we look to use the power of numbers to move boulders that have long worked against the best interests of the children in our care. What started as a unique idea for a small collection of schools has turned into a movement at the forefront of modern educational reform.”

Our Higher Ed Working Group, Advisory Council, and Board are made up of leading practitioners and scholars whose perspectives and experiences inform how we go about our work.

Our Movement

The technology behind a new high school transcript could be built and developed by many in the software or education industries. What makes our effort special is that we have joined together to create a movement to change college admissions for the better. [technology could be created by many; but college admissions will only change if we group together and create a movement]. Together member schools bring collective wisdom, influence, and a powerful voice at the table with colleagues in higher education and other arenas.

Network Growth

Our existing network is the best source of growth for MTC.

For schools interested in joining MTC as a member, please encourage them to contact us

Serving Public and Independent schools

MTC’s network of member school is comprised of public high schools, as well as independent high schools--hundreds from around the country and several through the world. MTC was established among our founding independent schools, but we soon opened membership to public schools in July 2018, given our network’s steadfast commitment to serving all students.

Member Benefits (not sure we need this here)

Resources & Support

Each high school is unique, but all high schools generally go through a series of stages toward school transformation. The common five stages our member schools are experiencing in their journeys toward the Mastery Transcript include:


MTC provides member schools with a range of resources to help support and advance each community’s journey to the Mastery Transcript.


Our site director meetings bring together site directors from schools across the country to work together in a hands-on way to develop and plan for the Mastery Transcript. Programming includes workshops, presentations, and time to connect with other site directors and members of the MTC staff. The MTC team is also speaking at and attending events throughout the country—and would love to connect with you there!
View our events.

Professional Learning Opportunities

The Mastery Transcript Consortium offers a range of in-person and online courses to educators from member schools who want to learn more about mastery learning and bringing a mastery transcript to our schools. See the latest offerings.

Site Director Role

The Site Director is the person who will have ongoing responsibility for preparing and guiding the faculty and school community in discussions, planning efforts, decision-making, and eventually in the transition to use of the Mastery Transcript if the school chooses to do so.