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MTC Scholarship Fund

MTC exists to improve access and outcomes for all students. Any school exploring the move to mastery has a place at our table. We prioritize access, and have never kept a school or district from joining our network due to financial constraints, and we never will. Through gifts, donations and trailblazing individual members, our goal is to make this commitment permanent.

Given the important and ongoing shifts in education around the globe to better prepare young citizens for the 21st century society and economy, no learner should be left behind.

The MTC Scholarship Fund will have a simple goal — all funds raised will be used to offset the annual dues for our member schools in need.

We presently find ourselves in a world that is shifting and often challenging. Education is and has always been at the heart of the solution. It is how we can best support every young person in moving their lives and work forward. Amid today's backdrop, there is a moment of hope, and the MTC Scholarship Fund will allow MTC to ensure the door of possibility remains open to all students.

Mike Flanagan, CEO, Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC)

How You Can Help

The annual MTC Scholarship Fund will provide financial support and access to membership for any school struggling with ongoing or unexpected financial pressure.

We offer three pathways of support: Lead Gifts, Personal Donations or Individual Membership. We invite you to read below to determine which is most appropriate for you.