Release Notes

We are constantly trying to improve your Mastery Transcript™ Builder experience; here's what has changed.

March 9, 2021
1More Flexibility to Match How Your School Gets Things Done
We observe, we listen, and we learn new details, every day, about how diverse our schools are in your organization and processes. We don't expect these new options to be used by everyone, but we hope they provide more avenues for some of you to more seamlessly fit Mastery Transcript into your school.
  • Assign educators to specific learners. Simply associate learners to the educator to limit whose transcript data the educator can modify. Like the way which the system was already set-up? No worries, we still provide the option for an educator to work with all learners at a school.
  • Multi-school admins. Are you an administrator with more than one MTC: Build school account (perhaps because you're maintaining two different credit models)? In the past, MTC would issue you a separate sign-in account per school account. Now, we can simply issue you a "multi-school" account using one sign-in to access all of your MTC: Build school accounts. We'll reach out to you, soon, to simplify this for you.
  • Google single-sign-on. Does your school use Google to power your email or leverage Google Drive, such that every educator and learner is already issued a Google account? If that's the same email address which is used to set up your users in MTC: Build, your users can now choose to "Sign in with Google". If you're interested in using this single-sign-on option but your MTC: Build user accounts were set up with non-Gmail email addresses, please reach out to for help getting set up.
2Keeping Up with Changes
Your school is dynamic and MTC: Build needs to keep pace. Here are some tools to help you keep your school-level data in MTC: Build accurate and aligned.
  • Credit model evolution. Safely archive credits which are no longer to be issued to learners, while maintaining the data integrity of past cohorts. Note: Credits which have never been issued can always be deleted.
  • School profile upgrade. The school profile editing tool has been updated. We are most happy to announce that you can add your own custom metrics in "By the Numbers” so you can now tell your story as best fits your school.
3Continuous Improvement
Tweaks, fixes, and honorable mentions:
  • CEEB codes which begin with one or more zeroes are now supported.
  • Course descriptions are once again editable.
  • Viewing evidence for certain types of attachments (such as links to a Google Site) now works reliably across all popular browsers.
  • When used in school or learner addresses, "Address Street 2" is now displayed properly throughout the transcript.
  • Colleges table view displays the college's full address if you hover on the city.
  • Previously missing events have been added to the Learner Activity Feed (transcript published, college added/removed).
  • Improved navigation between evidence records (for educators or admins trying to cycle through evidence approval for a learner).
  • More logical flow when an admin deletes the school’s credit model.
  • Code library updates. This is behind the scenes, so you won't notice this, but it's important for systems to keep our code libraries and tools updated for the best security and stability.
As always, if you don't see an issue here which you were hoping would be addressed, please simply reach out to DJ Roth. Thank you for continuing to report these. Keep them coming!
December 21, 2020
1Happy Holidays ❄ from the MTC Team
Here we are, at the end of quite the unusual year. We're so grateful to have you all with us. Our latest release brings a wide array of improvements which we hope will better support you in carrying out the wonderful work that you do into the New Year.
2More Usability
What does it mean to add "more usability"? One definition of good usability is you're able to get what you need done in the system, without any hassles. This means getting what you need done from any device you have access to at that moment, all of the way through ensuring all of our faculty and students can use our system, including those with special needs.
  • We increased the Builder's screen reader compatibility with better use of differentiated colors for various indicators.
  • We fixed screen layout issues for managing evidence on mobile devices and other smaller screens.
  • The evidence attachment workflow now displays the acceptable media types more clearly when uploading from your computer (not limited to PDFs). By the way, if the evidence attachment is a Youtube link, the video now plays in-line, instead of launching a new tab. This improves usability for the audience of our transcripts, our "end-reader".
  • The transcript is also getting improvements. The left navigation panel in the transcript has been lightly re-designed to be more accessible and include more prominent access to the school profile. The course list can now be sorted by title or by completion date. Take a look and let us know what you think.
  • Auto-logout remembers where you were, meaning you won't lose your place in your work. Even if your session expires and you're automatically logged out of the system, for security, the next time you sign in, you can pick back up right where you left off.
3School Administrators—we're thrilled to deliver these!
We hope you'll be pleased, too.
  • School profiles: At our late-Nov huddle with transcript sending schools, we heard a request and we're happy to deliver. Choose Download school profile in the bottom-page toolbar to get a PDF of your school profile. Also, if you're making changes to your profile, use the new Preview school profile to easily get a look at how your profile will look in the transcript.
  • Time-saver alert: Download multiple official transcript access PDFs by using our new batch tool. Go to your list of learners, choose the learners for whom you need access PDFs, and download a ZIP file with the files.
4Transcript: Increasing Context
We all strive to ensure the Mastery Transcript for each and every individual conveys more nuance and depth than the traditional transcript. Details and context are key to delivering this to the end-reader. We've added a few new options for you.
  • The Builder now provides options to include more personal information about the learner in the transcript: date of birth, and school ID. Simply populating these fields in the learner's profile in the Builder will add the information to the published transcript.
  • We also added the option to provide a full date of graduation, in addition to still supporting the simple year of graduation. Again, simply populating a learner's date of graduation will add the information to the published transcript.
  • Course duration can now be included to convey whether the course was a semester course, for example, versus a full-term course. Note: This is not for conveying how long a particular student spent taking a given course ... this is specifically to describe the course itself and its duration; it is also completely optional on a course-by-course basis. To include course duration in the transcript, a school admin simply needs to add the duration to the course in the school's Courses.
  • Also new for courses: Schools can optionally add descriptions on a course-by-course basis. Descriptions are free-form text and can be longer than course titles. A description is an opportunity to convey to an end-reader, how rich a course and learning experience is, especially for interdisciplinary courses.
  • On a related note, we picked up this suggested enhancement during a recent huddle with transcript sending schools. We've added the official access code page as the first page of the archival PDF of the transcript. The hope is, this will ensure that admissions readers are made aware of the richer, interactive version of the transcript online, even if the application processors pass along only the PDF version of the transcript to readers. Keep the suggestions coming!
Tip: For any of the new optional fields mentioned above, if any detail is updated or added after a version of the learner's transcript has been published, be sure to re-publish after adding the new information in order to incorporate the new information into the transcript.
5My Colleges: Keeping You Informed about College Outreach
My Colleges has been updated with more views and more data to continue improving our college communications. Here's what's new:
  • School-level colleges list: School admins, now you can see all of the colleges your learners are planning to apply to from your own School Console.
  • Get another perspective of your colleges list via the map view.
  • Stay apprised of how MTC's outreach is progressing for any college. MTC Outreach statuses are updated daily.
  • Help us improve our outreach with more data. The new field -- Applied -- allows learners to update their planned colleges list to let us know where their applications (and their Mastery Transcripts) were actually sent.
6Continuous Improvement
Tweaks, fixes, and honorable mentions:
  • We're so excited to add the learner's credit visualization to the learner's profile. Watch the learner's credit profile take shape, right from the Builder.
  • The Mastery Credit import process and template has been brought into alignment with the on-screen editor, so note that character counts and labels have been updated. If you are in-progress to create your MCA and have been working in the credit spreadsheet, please be sure to download the updated template to avoid any issues with import.
  • We fixed a transcript filename issue when learners' names contain periods and/or spaces.
Thank you for continuing to report these. Keep them coming!
November 9, 2020
1Staying on Top of What's Going On: Universal Activity Feed
The Activity Feed, the log of the latest changes to learners' profiles, is now accessible from anywhere in the application.
  • Filter the events by any element mentioned in the event—credit, course, evidence, learner, initiator—so that you can quickly focus in on the most recent activity that's most important to you.
  • See quoted text (comments, student statements) inline with the event.
  • Click the event to navigate directly to the associated section of the learner's profile.
2Back to the Transcript
The past few months, we've been intently focused on improving your Mastery Transcript authoring process. We're happy this round of development saw some fixes and improvements to the transcript itself.
  • Your school's phone number is now prominently displayed on the official access code PDF. Also, the link to is now clickable.
  • The credits in a published transcript now match their order in your school's credit model. (Admins, you can sequence your credits and credit areas using the Builder's credit model editing tools.)
  • By the Numbers in your School Profile now appear in the transcript exactly as you've entered them in the Builder (instead of the Builder auto-populating your class/cohort counts).
  • Interpreting Credit Profiles metrics now appear properly in your transcripts (bug in School Profile form was fixed).
  • For those who built transcripts in the old system ("the Pilot"), your old data has been safely archived. Please contact the MTC if you need any help with pilot data.
3Continuous Improvement
Tweaks, fixes, and honorable mentions:
  • Evidence image previews in the Builder now accurately reflect how they'll appear in the transcript (no more confusing crops).
  • For admins: Have you tried to publish a transcript to meet a deadline, only to find an evidence which should be Approved hasn't been submitted? In a pinch, you can now manually update its status to Approved, bypassing the submission process.
  • User account cleanup: Sent an invitation to the wrong email address? Now you can archive that unused invitation and delete it. This is particularly useful when that email address needs to be 'freed up' for another invitation (e.g., accidentally inviting an educator as a learner!)
October 12, 2020
1Ideas Taking Root
We're excited to share some new components which have sprouted and will continue to take shape over the few releases—the Activity Feed and Batch Admin Tools. As always, we love your feedback about the system, so use that "?" in the lower right corner of the Builder or reach us directly at, early and often!
2Activity Feed v.0.999...
The Activity Feed is here! See a log of the latest changes to a learner's transcript information in one spot and easily filter for only the events which need an educator's approval with one click. Our next step is to allow educators and admins to see events across all of their learners in the feed, from anywhere in the Builder. We're looking forward to getting that in your hands in the next release, coming before the end of October!
3Amping-Up Admin Tools
When we designed the table view to search, view, and manage a list of learners, we had hopes we were on to something powerful. Version 1.4 sees the first of these admin "power tools" brought to life. Admins can now choose a list of learners and apply the same course and course completion date to the entire list, through a single operation. With your feedback, we'd like to improve this workflow, and apply it to other processes, like the association of credits.
4Continuous Improvement
Tweaks, fixes, and honorable mentions:
  • Admins can archive unused invitations. This helps "free up" email addresses which may have been erroneously sent a previous invitation.
  • A credit's status can be updated when approving evidence revisions—we missed this originally when we added this approval flow for submitted evidence.
  • Text in the credit template has been updated to correct a misstatement about Advanced and Foundational credits.
  • Fixed an issue when selecting multiple credits to associate with a learner's record.
  • More informative error messages so when 'strange things' happen, it should not seem so strange.
September 14, 2020
1My Colleges: Improving College Outreach
We're pleased to introduce My Colleges, a simple list learners can create to indicate the colleges which they plan to apply. This info will help us prioritize the list of college admissions offices we're reaching out to.
2Quick to Search-and-Add
The Builder provides learners a searchable college list, preloaded from NCES's Integrated Post-secondary Education Data System (IPEDS). Please indicate the admission type as you add each college so that we can align our outreach schedule with you. (School admins and educators, you can also add colleges on a learner's behalf.)
3Just the First Step
In the short-term, collecting this college info will help us immediately with current outreach efforts to specific colleges on your behalf. Over time, we plan to enhance My Colleges to provide you with more direct insights into our college communications, as well as other tools, based on your feedback.
4Continuous Improvement
Tweaks, fixes, and honorable mentions:
School admins, we've heard you and we know it happens ... you can now update the role associated to a staff account—change an admin to an educator, or vice versa.
August 31, 2020
1Full Transcript Creation Workflow
The Builder now supports the complete workflow to Draft > Preview > Review > Publish all elements of your Mastery Transcripts. Educators and learners can preview the learner's transcript, anytime. School admins can publish transcripts and download official cover letters with transcript access codes. Also, the Student Statement is now included in the review and approval process.
2Evidence and Credit Management Efficiency Boosts!
While approving evidence, educators can choose to also update the status of the associated credit. Learners can now request a credit, simply by associating the credit to evidence—no need to separately request the credit first. Also, we fixed two major bugs concerning evidence and credits: Evidence highlights are now editable, and, when associating credits with a learner, you can now use the 'select all' checkbox to choose all credits within each credit area.
3Continuous Improvement
Tweaks, fixes, and honorable mentions:
  • Mastery Transcripts now support the inclusion of optional student information: Student ID and Date-of-Birth. DOB has been added as an optional field to the Learner Profile.
  • In the School Profile > Founded field, years prior to 1900 are now supported.
  • New settings for MTC administrators have been added to ensure member school content is clearly separated from any organizational content created to support internal MTC projects.
  • We continue to improve our interface to better support mobile devices.
  • Bug fix: During batch user account upload, where, once the file is processed, the onscreen data preview list is now scrollable.
July 17, 2020
1Keeping You Fully Supported
Getting started with a brand new school account? We've added in-line guidance to help orient our newest members. If you encounter something unexpected or have a suggestion for how we can improve your experience, please take a moment to share your feedback using the new Feedback Form! Just look for the question mark in the bottom-right.
2More Control Over Your Mastery Credits
At MTC, community sharing is one of the greatest member benefits. Not ready to share your credits with other members? Feel free to opt-out of sharing in the Mastery Credit Library—you can reach this new setting in your MCA card's menu at the top of your Mastery Credit Architecture page. Also new: As your credit model grows and evolves, you can keep its overall shape intact with the ability to reorder the credits.
3Continuous Improvement
Tweaks, fixes, and honorable mentions:
  • We increased the number of contacts in your School Profile (up to 10!)
  • All table views, like when you view a list of users or a list of evidence, are now working in a completely consistent way: same icons, same functionality.
  • Behind the scenes, we tweaked the icons which appear throughout the site to improve system stability.
June 26, 2020
1Hello to Mastery Transcript™ Builder V.1.0!
You can now build Mastery Transcripts on an enterprise-ready framework. Our new architecture lays a mobile-ready and fully accessible foundation for more exciting new tools and features for you in the coming months.
2Tools to Enable Flexibility & Productivity
As a School Administrator, you can now take control of as much of your MTC school account's administration as you would like. From staples like School Profile, Course, and Credit setup, to new tools like User Account Search and Table View, we think you'll find it easier to get administration tasks done in the new Builder. (MTC admins also have access to these goodies and you can still contact us—we will help you in any way we can.)
3Comprehensive Learner Profile
Although it's always rewarding to preview a transcript to see how a student's achievements are coming together, we listened to your feedback and designed a Learner Profile within the Builder which clearly communicates the transcript-readiness of the student's data. Quickly scan credit statuses, course completion dates, and evidence statuses—no need to click into each one anymore!
4Share, Explore, and Get Inspired: Introducing Browseable Mastery Credits
You're an important part of a diverse network of peers. As schools add their credits into the Builder, other member schools can browse those credits and we can all learn from each other. Use the Builder's batch upload or point-of-use editing tools to add your school's credits and join a national discussion!
June 25, 2020
1Pilot Update: New Home for the MTC School Manager
The MTC School Manager, a.k.a., the Pilot, has successfully moved to its new home: You are welcome to log in anytime and pick up exactly where you left off. All accounts and data are perfectly intact—previously published transcripts can still be accessed without any action on your part. As a friendly reminder, you might want to update any browser bookmarks to the Pilot which you may have previously created.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us.