Resources for Member Schools

Member School Presentation Tools

We are developing a suite of communications tools that you can use as you engage your school community and colleagues in conversations about why your school has joined the MTC network, why mastery learning is good for students and teachers, and what a Mastery Transcript is. Here are two tools that you can download now.

We hope these materials are useful to you and very much welcome your feedback. This is exciting work, with much more to come! If you have any questions or thoughts, please contact us.

Must Reads

Susie Bell, director of member engagement at MTC, is compiling our “Must Reads.” She is hoping to engage our members schools in the latest resources and conversations on mastery learning and education today. If you would like to get a discussion going on one of these topics, please do so in our closed Facebook group for member schools. Please get in touch with her if you have ideas or suggestions:


Our site director meetings bring together site directors from schools across the country to work together in a hands-on way to develop and plan for the Mastery Transcript. Programming includes workshops, presentations, and time to connect with other site directors and members of the MTC staff. The MTC team is also speaking at and attending events throughout the country—and would love to connect with you there! View our events.

Professional Learning Opportunities

The Mastery Transcript Consortium offers a range of in-person and online courses to educators from member schools who want to learn more about mastery learning and bringing a mastery transcript to our schools. See the latest offerings.

Site Director Role

The Site Director is the person who will have ongoing responsibility for preparing and guiding the faculty and school community in discussions, planning efforts, decision-making, and eventually in the transition to use of the Mastery Transcript if the school chooses to do so.

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