In many ways, today marks the birth of the Mastery Transcript Consortium. What started as an idea born from frustration and ambition has become a movement of sorts. And today, as the consortium meets as a group for the first time, that movement will begin to generate momentum.

As of this writing, 55 independent schools from around the country – and around the world actually – have joined the Consortium. We’re looking forward to gathering more than 100 members of these schools in one room.

We chose to meet in Baltimore at the National Association of Independent School’s annual conference in order to gather our member schools as well as to reach out to institutions that have yet to learn about our mission and goals.

Today’s meeting will focus on setting the course for the MTC. Among the agenda items:

  • We will start the conversation about what the Mastery Transcript really means for students.
  • We will inventory the needs of member schools in order to identify issues we need to work together to overcome as they create Mastery Transcript systems in their schools.
  • We will help member schools select their Site Directors and think through the introduction of the Mastery Transcript at their school.
  • We will create an action plan for next steps including summer and fall meetings of the MTC site directors.

It should be an exciting day for these schools and for anyone interested in finding a new path for students to communicate their mastery, character and humanity. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for updates.


About Terry Dubow

Terry Dubow is the MTC's Director of Communications while also working in a variety of academic and administrative roles at Hawken School in Gates Mills, OH. He has previously served as the Associate Head of School at Westtown School and the Director of Strategic Projects at Hathaway Brown. He's been an English teacher for nearly 25 years and is excited to help tell the story of the MTC.