Accelerating Your State Journey to Mastery Learning

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The framework below was designed to guide state agencies and policymakers in implementing competency-based learning and credentialing statewide. It aligns with and builds off MTC's K-12 Journeys to Mastery Learning (JML) framework, and draws from Utah's experience as reflected in MTC's new report, "People, Practice, and Policy: How Utah Turned the Portrait of a Graduate into a Powerful Lever for Systems Change."

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A Roadmap for State Transformation

The State JML framework is a guide to inquiry, collaboration, and iterative design. While each state will forge its unique path to realize mastery learning in the context of its community, the framework's design elements are essential in shifting practice and implementing the Mastery Transcript or MTC Learning Record. These competencies were informed by Aurora Institute’s Definition of Competency-Based Learning and MTC’s own research and knowledge about school change in a mastery learning system. Read more about the framework's design here.

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State Journey to Mastery Learning

MTC has partnered with the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) since 2019 to support its efforts in building a statewide personalized, competency-based learning system. State leaders within USBE have been committed to these shifts since 2016, and they have adopted a flexible and evolutionary approach to supporting Utah Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) in building capacity and designing student-centered models that shift the way learners learn and teachers teach. With innovative spirits and legislative backing, the LEAs engaged in the USBE personalized, competency-based learning grant program are capitalizing on the learning, support, and innovative flexibility provided to them in order to advance their collective vision of learner-centered environments and experiences. Read more about Utah's initiative to pilot MTC Learning Records here.

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MTC is grateful to the Walton Family Foundation for generously funding development of both the Utah case study and the state framework.

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