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The Mastery Transcript Consortium™ (MTC), a growing network of hundreds of member schools, is creating a high school transcript that reflects the unique skills, strengths, and interests of each learner.


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Our Network: Building the Mastery Transcript

The high school transcript is the primary means of communication between high school and higher education. MTC is building the Mastery Transcript as a first, critical step toward changing the way higher education admissions influences high school design, thereby unleashing new possibilities in mastery learning.

The Mastery Transcript is a dramatic alternative to the traditional transcript. The Mastery Transcript takes the transcript off the page: from a two-dimensional accounting of student time spent on single subjects and a listing of grades without context, to an interactive digital transcript that highlights mastery of content and interdisciplinary skills. The Mastery Transcript values the higher order skills necessary for success in college and career, and it tells a story about a student: who they are, what they have learned, what they love, and who they want to be. Its power is not only in what it communicates, but also in what it empowers: learning that is deeply personalized, student driven, based in authentic engagement, and designed to educate the “whole student.”

But MTC’s work goes beyond the technology solution of the transcript itself. We know that to move beyond “pockets of innovation” to broad implementation, we must support the growing national and international movement toward mastery learning. The real power of the MTC is in the power of our network. We are working with hundreds of member high schools (a number that grows every month) to co-create the new transcript and create a powerful tool for students to use in their postsecondary lives.

Solving For All Students

Equity and inclusion are at the heart of MTC: both in the Mastery Transcript and in the mastery learning it supports. Our work increases access to a digital transcript that better reflects the whole student; supports schools in delivering meaningful learning experiences for today’s world; enables students to develop a broader range of skills at their own pace; and expands postsecondary opportunities for all students.

So often we hear from partners in higher education that the current system prevents them from seeing a range of talented students. The Mastery Transcript provides colleges, universities, and employers with a deeper understanding of each student and each high school.

All students deserve an opportunity to find themselves, their voice, and their standing in this world, including the many roses that have been trapped by the concrete of the current system. MTC is at the vanguard of making this happen.

Kaleb Rashad, director of High Tech High and an MTC Advisory Council Member

The Mastery Transcript Consortium™ (MTC) aims to reinvent
how students prepare for college, career, and life.

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