Why The Transcript

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Why the Transcript

The traditional transcript reinforces outdated modes of education, constrains innovation, limits learning to single subjects, and impedes the pursuit of educational equity and excellence. It sorts and sifts students through a narrow measures such as grades GPAs, reducing each complex and unique individual to a simple number. The MTC Mastery Transcript® is a dramatic alternative to the status quo. It supports each student in learning for today’s world, in exploring and pursuing varied pathways to futures that compel them, and in being recognized for acquiring and mastering skills both inside and outside of school.

Our Approach

The MTC theory of action draws upon three critical levers for change:

  • Build a Mastery Transcript® that authentically and holistically captures student learning, progress, and interests.
  • Create a networked innovation space where High Schools can use the Mastery Transcript to catalyze and support redesign.
  • Engage Higher Education institutions who will adopt the Mastery Transcript as a catalyst for rethinking admissions and mobilize their peers to do the same.
Take a closer look at the Mastery Transcript

These levers for change operate together for combined impact over time:

“In partnership with our members and allies, we are redesigning the high school transcript so that the interests of students, high schools, and higher education are aligned. The Mastery Transcript values the higher order skills necessary for success in college and career. It conveys to admissions officers a deeper, more authentic story about a student: who they are, what they have learned, how they have grown, what they love, and who they want to be.”

Stacy Caldwell, CEO, Mastery Transcript Consortium™

“Equity means that all kids have access, equal access, to opportunities to demonstrate their full selves and can take advantage of the opportunities they are interested in to move their lives and their work forward.”

Sujata Bhatt, Senior Fellow, Transcend Education

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