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Together, there is much we can do...

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Our site director meetings bring together site directors from schools across the country to work together in a hands-on way to develop and plan for the Mastery Transcript. Programming includes workshops, presentations, and time to connect with other site directors and members of the MTC staff. The MTC team is also speaking at and attending events throughout the country—and would love to connect with you there!

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There is much you can do!
Help spread the word about mastery learning by talking to your community—your friends, family, school administrators, higher education professionals, and classmates about students engaged in project-based learning! Encourage them to visit our website to learn more and join the conversation. You can also download a presentation to share!

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“With the power of our network and all of the schools on the Mastery Transcript, colleges will pay attention.”

Hannah Nelson, Watershed School

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