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Our Member Schools are Transforming the High School Experience

PURPOSE: The Mastery Transcript Consortium® (MTC) is a growing network of public and private schools who are introducing a digital high school transcript that opens up opportunity for each and every student — from all backgrounds, locations, and types of schools — to have their unique strengths, abilities, interests, and histories fostered, understood, and celebrated.

Who Joins MTC

Forward-thinking Schools

Our schools are reimagining what students learn in high school, and how they best learn it. They embrace real-world, collaborative, project-based learning, and prioritize 21st Century skills, SEL, and meta-cognitive skills. Member school leaders appreciate that traditional transcripts are poorly aligned to learning models of the future, and that Mastery Learning empowers learners in–and out of–the classroom to tell their own stories.

Invested Individuals

Teachers, parents, and thought leaders can now join the mastery learning conversation as well. If your school or district is not yet ready for full membership, or you just personally want to learn more, Individual Membership is for you. Individual members get access to MTC professional learning opportunities, and also help fund financially strained member schools through the MTC Scholarship Fund.

Aligned Districts

The best path to mastery learning stems from deep collaboration across towns, cities, and states. District partnerships with central offices committed to mastery learning can drive powerful system change. With high schools as our flagship partners, MTC district partnerships also align stakeholders in middle school, Higher Ed, and community.

Pioneering Colleges

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Higher Education has been undergoing disruption. Forward-looking college leaders are embracing interdisciplinary and co-curricular learning, and re-aligning their faculties to focus on critical skills while offering their students a clear path to their first good job. College registrars considering digital, competency-based credentials, and enrollment leaders looking for deeper insight into applicants, are part of a mastery learning movement.

What MTC is doing with the Mastery Transcript is a key part of the evolution of education in the 21st century. There are a lot of conversations out there about how we educate students, but this is a key one related to how we design and assess education and how we measure what students have learned and how they’ve absorbed and are able to translate their experiences.

Kedra Ishop, Vice President for Enrollment Management, University of Southern California (USC)

Together, we can reinvent how students prepare for college, career, and life.