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5/20/2024EducationInvestorUS: ETS acquires digital high school transcript firm
5/20/2024EIN PresswirePolygence Partners with Mastery Transcript Consortium to Launch a Certified Learning Record for High School Students
5/20/2024Pathways HighA Feather in our Pioneering Cap
5/19/2024Future Learning Design PodcastThe Future of Assessment - Special Episode with Melbourne Metrics, Rethinking Assessment and Mastery Transcript Consortium
5/16/2024The JobOn-Demand Human Connection
5/15/2024Getting SmartSkills Transcripts at Scale: Why The ETS & MTC Partnership is a Big Deal
5/15/2024ETSETS and Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC)
Join Forces to Scale Skills Transcripts
5/1/20231EdTechMastery Transcript Consortium Earns CLR Certification
9/19/2022Aurora InstituteCBE in Practice: Grading
8/30/2022Cleveland MagazineHawken Head of School Scott Looney is Changing Cleveland Education
8/3/2022The Seattle TimesSome WA schools opt for ‘show what you know’ system over letter grades
7/27/2022Education ReimaginedPathways High: Design Thinking in Action
6/23/2022KnowledgeWorksCapturing and Communicating Learning Requires More Than Time-Based Measures
2/7/2022World Economic Forum4 trends that will shape the future of higher education
1/24/2022Phi Delta KappanPossible futures: Toward a new grammar of schooling
1/21/2022NJ.com5 big things we must do to improve N.J.’s COVID-encumbered schools in 2022 | Opinion
12/29/2021Real Clear EducationFive Education Resolutions for the New Year
12/14/2021EdSourceWhy some California school districts are changing how students earn grades: Mastery-based learning seen as a way to improve equity
12/3/2021EdSourceWhy some California school districts are changing how students earn grades:
Mastery-based learning seen as a way to improve equity
10/27/2021FutureEdThe Movement to Replace High School Grades
10/20/2021Washington PostA Crusade to End Grading in High Schools
10/20/2021International School Leader MagazineRecognising Personalised Learning [48-51]
10/16/2021ExploElevateFuture-Ready: A Conversation with Scott Looney, Part II | Preparing Students to Thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
8/31/2021ForbesVaccinating Education: An Interview with Sal Khan
8/18/2021KnowledgeWorksUngrading: Focusing on Feedback and Learner Agency
5/8/2021The Student LifeThe 5Cs can lead the way in grading reform and alter academic incentives for students
5/6/2021Education NextDon’t Ban Virtual School. Improve It.
4/15/2021TES (The Times Educational Supplement)Why are we so reluctant to let go of exams?
3/24/2021Education ReimaginedLet’s Create Assessments Worthy of Powerful Learning
3/01/2021Challenge SuccessQ&A with Mastery Transcript Consortium
2/15/2021The RSAEducation for the individual
2/11/2021FE NewsAssessment — Time for a rethink?
1/10/2021Maize Books Wad-Ja-Get? The Grading Game in American Education
1/04/2021Forbes How Portable Learning Records Will Unlock Education And Employment Opportunities
12/22/2020Teachers Going GradelessPatterns Broken: The Opportunity of the Mastery Transcript
11/15/2020ForbesDigital Credentials: A Better Way To Capture And Communicate Learning
11/19/2020ForbesEight Ways New Schools Innovate
8/17/2020ForbesHow Micro-Certification Can Fill Skill Gaps In The New Normal
7/30/2020The 74Cleveland’s ‘Mastery’ Hopes Fade as COVID-19 Surges and Classes Are Forced Online
7/26/2020Wisconsin State JournalIndependent Madison charter Milestone Democratic School designed 'by youth, for youth'
7/6/2020Harvard GazetteWill coronavirus change college admissions?
6/4/2020Gulf NewsHow UAE schools are rethinking education to stay relevant
5/16/2020Honolulu Civil BeatThe Virus That Broke The Classroom
4/24/2020The Washington PostAfter coronavirus, schools should get creative in finding teachers more time with students
3/11/2020ForbesCompetency Tracking Tools Are Overdue
2/7/2020ForbesHelping Grads Tell Their Story: The Case For Extended Transcripts
1/21/2020ForbesShow What You Know: A Parent’s Guide To The Global Shift To Competency
12/17/2019The 74Best Education Articles of 2019: Our 19 Most Popular Stories About Students and Schools This Year
7/30/2019ForbesFour Mega Trends Reshaping Global Learning
7/29/2019Inside Higher EdTranscript Revolution
6/19/2019ForbesHow To Fix Higher Education: Seven Keys
3/3/2019Crain’s Cleveland BusinessHawken's Mastery School is a throwback
2/14/2019ForbesHow Blockchain Is Helping Dallas Students Tell Their Story
10/31/2018Education ReimaginedMoving Beyond the GPA
9/6/2018ForbesHow Pushback Against Ed Reform Is Used To Push Ed Reform Forward
5/21/2018ForbesShow What You Know: The Shift To Competency
2/8/2018ForbesHow To Be Human In An AI Future

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