Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the MTC?
The Mastery Transcript Consortium™ (MTC) is made up of a growing network of public and independent member high schools who are co-creating the Mastery Transcript, a high school transcript that supports mastery learning and reflects the unique skills, strengths, and interests of each learner. In the coming years, the MTC hopes to change the way students prepare for college, career, and life.
2Who can join?
Membership is open to any nonprofit accredited public or independent school that is considering or moving in the direction of mastery learning.
3What spurs a school’s decision to join MTC?
High schools join MTC because they are interested in mastery learning and the Mastery Transcript that will support it. Each high school is unique, but all high schools generally go through a series of stages toward school transformation. The common five stages our member schools are experiencing in their journeys toward the Mastery Transcript include:
  1. Why change?
  2. What does a program look like where every student is supported, guided, and challenged in their learning?
  3. How are equity and excellence central to all instruction and assessment?
  4. What systems and structures will ensure learning and teaching shifts?
  5. How do you sustain the change and nurture continued transformation?
4What is the cost of membership?
Membership dues are scaled to the size and financial realities of each member school. Price will not be a deterrent to membership, but the work ahead will require a continued financial commitment from each member school. Contact us for more details.
5What do we get with our membership in the MTC?

Member schools will have full access to all research, technology platforms, professional development, and communications work produced by the MTC. Ongoing organizational and individualized program support for each school is an essential piece of the MTC mission. Most significantly, you will be a partner in the creation and development of a new, mastery-based model of crediting and transcript generation that can transform student learning for the better, while maintaining our relationships with college admissions offices and other organizations.

See our member benefits for more information.

6Is the new Mastery Transcript built?
Yes! We have our first set of high schools and students using the transcript tools for college admissions this year.
7Are there grades on the Mastery Transcript?
There are no A-F letter grades on the Mastery Transcript, but there are Mastery Credits earned based upon evidence of student learning.
8How do you plan to work with colleagues in admissions and other professional organizations?
MTC has a growing, diverse Higher-Ed Working Group, comprised of admissions colleagues, educators, and leaders from a mix of colleges and universities throughout the country. The working group is tasked with interacting with and providing feedback on key features in the Mastery Transcript prototype, taking part in planning toward a rollout strategy, and helping to advocate broadly for the need for change within the high-school transcript and college admissions processes. MTC is also looking ahead to future collaborations with professional organizations and employers who have also expressed interest in the Mastery Transcript.
9Will colleges adopt and accept this new transcript model?
Yes, we are confident they will. We offer to higher education an alternative to the traditional transcript: one that offers more nuance and depth than grades and grade point averages, while still providing consistency and validity for successful admissions. College admissions officers simply want an efficient, clear, and consistent way to read, differentiate, and “know” each applicant in about two minutes.
The Mastery Transcript actually enhances a student’s personal profile while differentiating their individual strengths when compared to a traditional transcript. While the credits on a Mastery Transcript will be unique to each school, the format of the transcript will be consistent to make it as easy as possible for college admission officers to read. We believe this will only help students in college admissions while also creating a better learning environment in high school.
10Why use a consortium approach instead of just developing a new mastery transcript at each individual school?
We believe the real power of the MTC is in the growing network of public and independent schools and partners that make up the consortium. Through our consortium approach, MTC is engaging as many schools as possible, in order to improve the high school experience for all students. Members of our network serve as key resources for one another--supporting one another and their school communities in their journeys to mastery and to the Mastery Transcript. The Mastery Transcript will help to unlock the transformational work that so many schools have already undertaken and will pave the way for many more to join in as they begin that journey. As we bring the Mastery Transcript to scale across our expanding network of member high schools, our consistent, digital transcript format will provide college admissions officers with an easy- to-read and understand student profile.
11If we join the MTC and move toward a mastery transcript model, can we remain “independent” in our school’s curriculum?
Yes. performance areas and credits will be specific to each school. What your school chooses to emphasize and celebrate in its educational approach will remain fully independent and individualized. The general presentation format — just as with the traditional transcript — will be consistent.
12Is this approach better for students?
Yes. Schools frequently talk about 21st-century skills for students and best practices in education, but our current system of transcript production limits our ability to best serve and represent the students in our care. A Mastery Transcript allows the flexibility and freedom to facilitate a rigorous, interdisciplinary curriculum that will best prepare our students for a complex and interconnected world.
13Where do I go if I have other questions?

Please continue to visit and explore all parts of our website for status updates, educational blogs, conference schedules, and layers of information about the process, timeline, and goals of the MTC. We are proud of the work we are doing and the effort to revolutionize the student learning experience in the years ahead. We invite you to continue to learn more [link to introductory slide deck on new site]. We also welcome a conversation with your school, and can easily arrange a phone conference or visit to share our goals and vision in more depth.

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