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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the MTC?
Mastery Transcript Consortium® (MTC), an ETS company, is a national and global nonprofit membership organization that helps make mastery learning—or competency-based education—available to all learners. Because this approach does not generate traditional metrics, we co-create uniquely flexible and scalable learning records to solve the challenge of credentialing. MTC accelerates equitable access to and widespread implementation of mastery learning models, empowering students to showcase competencies and share evidence of their learning.

In May 2024, MTC joined ETS and the Carnegie Foundation as a key partner in a new Skills for the Future initiative, announced in April 2023. Together, we aim to serve millions of learners, and equip them with a skills transcript that empowers them to reach their postsecondary goals, whether college or career.

2Who joins MTC?
Membership is open to a variety of innovative learning organizations pursuing competency-based models, including public and private schools, microschools, out-of-school time organizations, and postsecondary degree and training programs. Members are aligned around both a common mission of implementing mastery learning and a shared vision of credit based on demonstrated proficiency in relation to targeted skills and competencies.
3Why join MTC?
Common reasons for joining MTC include wanting to:
  1. engage with and learn from a national and global network of innovative educators implementing personalized, competency-based learning models;
  2. use MTC's competency-based tools that give learners greater agency and help schools bring Graduate Profiles to life;
  3. publish competency-based learning records and transcripts that are easy to read and highlight the deeper learning and performance assessments integral to project and problem-based curricula; and
  4. influence changes in higher education admissions practices so they align with competency-based learning models.
4What is the cost of membership?
MTC has a sliding scale for annual member dues starting as low as $1500 for very small schools/organizations. Connect with us here for more details.
5What is included with membership?
Through MTC's interactive platform, members have exclusive access to a range of benefits:
  1. digital tools including the Mastery Transcript, MTC Learning Record, MTC Grow (a strategic planning tool for schools), and the MTC Progress Tracker;
  2. an extensive resource library;
  3. forums for peer learning and communications across the member network;
  4. professional learning events including targeted webinars and MTC's annual Symposium;
  5. discounted professional learning opportunities and survey tools provided by partner organizations; and
  6. ongoing organizational and individualized program support, including college admissions advocacy.
See our member benefits page for more information.
6How are the Mastery Transcript (MT) and the MTC Learning Record (MLR) different? Which is right for our community?
Both the Mastery Transcript and the MTC Learning Record (MLR) give learners the agency to show what they know and can do. Learners upload evidence of their work to demonstrate mastery of targeted competencies. The Mastery Transcript is a full replacement for the traditional high school transcript; it is appropriate for schools that have shifted away from traditional grading practices. (Applicants using the Mastery Transcript have now been accepted by over 500 colleges and universities.) The MLR can be issued as a supplement to the traditional transcript; it can also be used by out-of-school time organizations to document the skills and competencies learners develop in those settings. This video provides a more detailed comparison.
7How is MTC partnering with higher ed admissions?
MTC's Higher Ed Advisory Group includes admissions leaders from a diverse group of colleges who provide feedback, thought leadership, and advocacy. MTC continues to seek input from college admission readers for both the MTC Learning Record and the Mastery Transcript. In addition, when learners indicate where they plan to apply to college, MTC contacts each admission office that will have applicants with MLRs or MTs. MTC helps ensure that admission readers understand MTC records and are prepared to review applicants who use them.
8Will colleges accept applicants with Mastery Transcripts or MTC Learning Records?
Yes, they already are. Hundreds of admissions offices have already received Mastery Transcripts or MTC Learning Records and many more will continue to receive one as part of a student's college application. No admissions officers contacted by MTC have said they can't use the Mastery Transcript in their review process. In fact, hundreds of students have gained admissions at a college/university of their choice using the Mastery Transcript or MTC Learning Record.
9Is a competency-based learning model better for learners?
Yes. Members frequently highlight learner development of durable, transferable skills as a best practice in education, while noting that the format of traditional transcripts does not adequately represent them. A competency-based learning record provides learning organizations with the flexibility and freedom to facilitate a rigorous, interdisciplinary curriculum that will best prepare learners for a complex and interconnected world.
10 What digital tools does MTC provide?
Members have access to the competency-based record—the Mastery Transcript or MTC Learning Record—that best fits their learning model. MTC Grow offers members a tracking system to identify progress and next steps along an organization's Journey to Mastery Learning. MTC Grow also provides a curated resource library aligned with a member's strategic priorities. In addition, members have access to MTC's Competency Library, which houses competency frameworks of other member schools. In April 2024, members gained access to the new MTC Progress Tracker, which allows for more discrete feedback and evidence collection throughout a learner's school career.
11What are your current data privacy and security policies?

In addition to our Privacy Policy, MTC's data policies and security standards can be found in this document.

12Where do I go if I have other questions?

We welcome your questions, and would also be happy to meet and learn more about your school or organization.

Connect with us here.


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