Journeys to Mastery Learning

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Many school leaders in mastery-based learning systems had no specific roadmap for change, so anticipating the challenges inherent in transforming very entrenched and traditional school systems is nearly impossible.

Having learned a lot from member schools and from the field of education more broadly, MTC developed an evidence-based framework of support in the MTC Journeys to Mastery Learning. The framework helps like-minded member schools learn from one another and advance their own school's unique journey to mastery-based learning.

MTC member schools are at different places in their journey, but the common phases our member schools experience include:

MTC's Five Stage Framework

MTC’s five stage framework is a guide to inquiry, collaboration, and iterative design, not a blueprint for change. While each school will forge its unique path to realize mastery learning in the context of its community, these essential design elements are vital to shifting to mastery learning and implementing the Mastery Transcript. Roll over pit stops (?) below for key questions guiding your journey.

Draft your Call to Action to create your school Vision Statement Create your Graduate Profile that describes what students will know and be able to do in order to succeed in college and career Create your Framework for Mastery Learning that establishes shared pedagogy grounded in research Define Building Blocks including Mastery Credits, that support mastery for all Create an Implementation Plan to build and sustain capacity for mastery learning
Purpose & Vision Graduate Profile Learning Model Alignment Sustainability
What is your compelling reason to innovate? What will success look like for all learners? How will learning and teaching need to change? How do school culture, instruction, and structure function to support your learning model? How will you build capacity to sustain changes over time?

Case Studies

One of the core strengths of MTC’s diverse network of schools is that it brings together public and private member schools who are facing similar challenges and offer connections and insight to one another. This is reflected in our initial series of MTC member school case studies that features schools whose journeys have some similar shapes and paths, but with distinctly different contexts and steps.

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Synthesis: Mastery Learning in Action

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