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MTC is curating a set of resources to support schools in their journey to mastery learning and especially during the time of COVID-19. MTC member schools should also log into our community site in order to connect with colleagues from other member schools and take full advantage of one of the best aspects of MTC — the strength, talent, and diversity in our peer-to-peer network.

MTC Online Member Symposium: Public Webinars

Progress and Promise: MTC and Higher Education

Stacy Caldwell, CEO of MTC, and Dr. Kedra Ishop, vice president of enrollment management at the University of Michigan, provide an update on MTC's work to date and partnership with higher education leaders.

Mastery Transcript: Product Roadmap Fall 2020

Mike Flanagan, Chief Product Officer, and DJ Roth, Director of Technical Product Management, review the next product development steps for the Mastery Transcript™ at the MTC Member School Symposium, April 24, 2020.

MTC Advisors & Collaborators

COVID-19 Resources (GOA)

Global Online Academy presents effective and accessible strategies for distance learning in this robust compilation of distance learning guides. From the articulation of online learning habits for instructors to the sharing of key online learning strategies for school closure, GOA is a one-stop space for your leadership and faculty to explore and expand their online instructional skills.

COVID-19 School Continuity Resources (One Schoolhouse)

One Schoolhouse — an MTC member school — has a treasure trove of common-sense, emotionally intuitive guidance for educators to consider during school closures related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their approach to guiding their faculty is derived from a space of understanding and transition. One Schoolhouse clearly articulates the difference between online learning and distance learning — which may be a source of significant clarity to many educators and leaders challenged with how best to respond to the current reality. A fantastic read for anyone embarking upon the transition to remote education for learners.

School Closures: Practitioner Resources for Teaching & Learning (NGLC)

NGLC provides a crowd-sourced, real-time and annotated list of resources around online learning by theme - including the following:

  • Effectively communicating with all stakeholders during the pandemic
  • How-to’s for NextGen learning in a remote/home environment
  • Ensuring equitable learning opportunities and access
  • Attending to the social and emotional needs of learners
  • Curriculum consistency and remote instructional considerations

Fantastic ideas from a wide range of NGLC partner schools and organizations.

How to Keep your Children Engaged at Home Amid Coronavirus (Denise Pope)

A great segment from Good Morning America featuring Denise Pope, Founder of Stanford University-based Challenge Success, providing tips for parents on how to manage the transition from school-based learning to learning at home. Summary - remember PDF: Playtime, Downtime, Family Time.

Helping Children Cope With Coronavirus and Uncertainty (Richard Weissbourd)

In this video message, Richard Weissbourd, Senior Lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, clearly and compassionately highlights four key insights of supporting children as they navigate making sense of the COVID-19 pandemic. Supportive food for thought for educators, caregivers, and parents alike.

Distance Learning Resources (Vermont Learning for the Future)

The Vermont Learning for the Future initiative summarizes their advice for schools in a four-ingredient, systems-based approach to planning for a transitional time in their learners’ educational experience: Empathy and Compassion, Creativity and Collaboration, Openness to Emergence, and Love and Accountability. An inspirational read, for sure.

Evidence-Based Practices in Online & Distance Learning (CT Center for School Change)

The Connecticut Center for School Change, led by Executive Director Richard W. Lemons, shares resources for leaders tasked with leading and managing school systems and communities through the COVID-19 pandemic. Beginning with a synthesis of Ron Heifetz’s seminal research on adaptive leadership, the CCSC team has thoughtfully curated a 8-item list of research-based strategies for effective online learning.

Distance Learning Resource Center (Education Reimagined)

These leaders in expanding the horizons of what education could and should be for all learners have amassed a thorough and fully annotated collection of resources for parents, for learners, for teachers, for communities, and most importantly, for lifting spirits. The resources are plentiful so you’ll need to take some time to navigate the myriad options - but well worth the time investment.

Online Learning Resources (2Revolutions)

2Rev has long been an organization rooted in accessible, open-source (and some cost-based) online professional learning for educators. Partnering with Southern New Hampshire University, a post-secondary leader in innovative professional learning supports, 2 Rev presents this extensive list of COVID-19 related supports for educators and leaders as they navigate the world of remote learning.

Learning in the Time of COVID-19 (Linda Darling-Hammond)

Linda Darling Hammond, trusted educator, educational leader, and President of the California State Board of Education, highlights great examples of both state and district approaches to supporting children in the time of COVID-19. Meeting the nutritional needs of children with food insecurities, ensuring access to free technology resources that enable remote learning, and measures to ensure that all learning is deeply rich and lasting, Hammond shares the significant efforts of committed educators all over the country to support learners during this period of uncertainty.

Other Recommended Resources

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